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The Quintessence Saxophone Quintet is among the world's most creative contemporary saxophone ensembles. The five have become very adept in m...

Suzhou Poly Grand Theatre

Mar 4, 2018 - Mar 4, 2018

50 yuan

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Ballet Theatre "Carmen"

Suzhou Ballet Theatre and Suzhou Symphony Orchestra will...

Suzhou Culture and Arts Center
Mar 17 - Mar 17

Piano Trio by Russian Artists

The concert will feature piano trio performance given by...

Suzhou Poly Grand Theatre
Mar 18 - Mar 18

Memorial Concert “Debussy and Beyond”

The theme concert will be presented to mark the 150th of...

Suzhou Culture and Arts Center
Mar 25 - Mar 25

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Latest news
Wangting Town to build a 200,000-square-meter park to promote canal culture

Mar 15|By Tong Wangyue

A park will be built in Wangting Town in Xiangcheng District to promote local canal culture. Construction of the ...

Suzhou to build 100 smart food markets this year to help stabilize prices and reduce organic waste

Mar 15|By Tong Wangyue

Plea to build 'Made in China' brand

Mar 15|By Ke Jiayun

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Travel routes
Suzhou by Bike

Exploring Suzhou by getting on a bicycle and pedaling down the lanes.

One Night in Suzhou

Once night falls, a diverse facet of Suzhou beauty is illuminated under the city lights.

Suzhou by boat

Suzhou is second to none as a water excursion mecca.

Scaling famous hills

Visit Suzhou hills to explore a different territory.

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Suzhou Metro

Suzhou Metro Line 1, with 24 stations, entered service on April 28, 2012.


Visa Q&A, Residence Permits

City Facts

History, Location, Culture


Airport, Railway, Taxi, Bus


Mobile phone, Internet, IP Card

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Columns Suzhou Face

This series focuses on individuals who have lived in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province for a while and have a tale that’s worth telling. Age, gender, nationality and race are all unimportant in comparison with what adventures the subject has been up to, the experiences they can recount.

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